Meet Kayti

 Makeup Artist Kayti Pillor specializes in breathtaking beauty.  For as long as she can remember, her passion for artistry has been a driving force in her life. Whether it was watching her mom put her mascara on at the age of 5 or being the go to makeup guru for her girlfriends growing up, her deep love of makeup has been a constant.  She'll tell you that becoming a makeup artist never felt like a choice for her. It was her calling; to see beauty, create beauty, and impact the world around her with her art.  

  Kayti's meticulous hand and impeccable blending is only paralleled by her warm energy and a laugh that will brighten any room.  She has a gift for connecting with each and every client that sits in her chair, making them feel comfortable and fearless at the same time. These days she's wielding her brush on the faces of Chrissy Teigen, Loretta Devine, and Hannibal Burress.  Other career highlights include Kanye West's "Yeezus" Tour and The Eric Andre Show. 

  Beyond Kayti's artistry, she brings the highest level of professionalism and adaptability to every set she works on. This, partnered with her immense skill, has led her to much success and rave reviews.

Kayti is based in Los Angeles. 

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